Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bodie Revisited

We began this trip nine years ago to the day from our first trip to the Eastern Sierras. We hadn't been back to Bodie since then, so it was one of our priorities this time. Got there just after the 9 am opening, and spent the morning exploring the far edge of town. Very few tourists venture into this area...we had it to ourselves...

The remains of the bank vault. The plaque tells the story of banker James Stuart Cain, a leading citizen of Bodie in its heyday, who passed away in 1938--"through his faith and efforts, Bodie remains today."

Brilliant yellow rabbit bush was blooming everywhere...

I was attracted to the Tracey House, high on a hill on the outskirts, because it rattled in the wind and the house seemed like it was talking. I hiked up the hill, and as I was photographing the porch, I was startled to hear a mumbling male voice! A ghost of Bodie, speaking! I kid you not.

We ate our lunch at a quiet and scenic picnic area, which you can find by taking the road from the parking lot and heading in the opposite direction from the entry gate. The road skirts the far edge of town you see in these photos and ultimately heads to another ghost town, Aurora. As we were finishing our lunch, Bill spotted four mule deer climbing the hills opposite us. A beautiful sight!