Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big Bear Renaissance Faire

This is my first post after a late-summer break. So the next few posts will be reports on our doings in August...

We took a spur-of-the-moment drive to Big Bear and went to the 12th Annual Renaissance Faire. It's a tiny fair, nothing like the gigantic Renaissance Fairs held elsewhere in California, which suited us to a T. And, we had FUN. Above: a band called Gallows Humor, which was holding forth on the NC-17 stage with bawdy, original tunes delivered with gusto!

Another highlight was the acrobats, who call themselves Titania's Glade Suspended Reality. They performed amazing feats, supporting themselves only by twisting the red drapery around their feet.

Then there was the jousting, featuring the Knights of Mayhem in full suits of armor, riding gigantic horses. Above: the Knights in between jousts. Below: The Quartermaster and Queen Elizabeth, who presided over the festivities.

The fair took place at the site of the old Pedersen Sawmill in Fawnskin. Other highlights included being accosted by members of the Gallows Guild as we walked around the fair ("the undead gypsies")!