Sunday, June 2, 2013

The SpiritLife of Birds by Maia

This book of poems is a treasure, as is the poet behind them. Maia has crafted vast numbers of exquisitely beautiful and heartfelt poems during the decades I've known her. This is the first full-length volume representing her life's work in writing.

Here are some reviews:
Maia's The SpiritLife of Birds is an extraordinary and beautiful collection, a passionate journey evoked by the death of her longtime partner. This threnody, homage and celebration of an incandescent love, profound loss and heightened awareness is sensitively detailed--each poem a true story. SpiritLife is the song of her initiation into the greater mysteries of embodied life and death. She has made something finally revelatory, heart-opening, of her pain--a gift to us all.
Amanada Foulger, Foundation for Shamanic Studies

This is poetry of such terrible beauty it defies the very death that called it forth with its luminous evocation of what is truly alive. We mourn and grieve with Maia but even she cannot resist the unstoppable wind and birds sweeping through her words. These poems will break your heart and yet you will return to them again and again. Maia is a master poet whose work deeply informs the heart.
Deena Metzger, poet, author, teacher and activist

A reading from The SpiritLife of Birds took place at the Unity Church in Santa Barbara in March of this year, where a number of poets read Maia's poems. You can watch excerpts from the reading on YouTube at the links listed below:

Mary Kay Rommel
Marsha de la O

Enid Osborn

Perie Longo

The book can be ordered from Adder's Tongue Press, c/o Marsha de la O, 1296 Placid Ave, Ventura, CA  93004. $15 plus $3 for shipping.