Monday, May 20, 2013

A Morning Walk in Big Morongo Preserve

This morning we had intended to visit the Whitewater Preserve. We couldn't get there, though, due to traffic delays on Hwy. 62. So we settled for a walk in the Big Morongo Preserve, which turned out beautifully.  Once you're in the trees, you're protected from the wind.

We saw several big, fat, black lizards and this very tiny bunny.
There are so many birds, it sounds like a tropical rainforest.

One trail consists of a tunnel of mesquite trees, which are now in bloom.

If you keep walking back, you get to the foothills. 
One of the trails goes all the way to Indian Canyon Rd.


It doesn't feel like the desert in here.
We've been here before, but we don't visit often enough.