Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Gallery of Photos by Bill Dahl

Happy Birthday, Bill! In honor of his birthday (which is today), here is a selection of his latest photos. All photos copyright 2013 Bill Dahl.

Above: Keys Ranch, Joshua Tree National Park. This photo won second place in the Chaparral Artists photography show, on exhibit during March at A Roadside Attraction in 29 Palms.

Mud Hills, Death Valley National Park. This view is located to the left of Manly Beacon at Zabriskie Point.

Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley National Park. This and the photo above are from our October 2012 trip, where we were treated to spectacular clouds and a half-inch of rain. These Death Valley shots will be on exhibit at the 29 Palms Art Gallery during April.

Oracle, Joshua Tree National Park. This photo inspired a poem by me for our ongoing series of rock pictures and poems.


You will journey far and come to rest
in an unexpected place: outside
the temple ruins, protected by
your kin. You will bear the scars
of an old invasion, skin healed over
shrapnel, stoic when the old ache
starts up. Straddling broken earth,
you will foretell the future
from patterns of wind and rain
cast in the lines of your face.
Few will manage to find you,
fewer still divine your truth.
You will sit in the sun’s glow
as on a throne, content to be
unknown, taking nothing
for granted.

Cynthia Anderson