Monday, February 25, 2013

Marta Becket's Amargosa Opera House

I've still got a few blog posts to go from our October trip! On our way from Rhyolite to Tecopa, we stopped in Death Valley Junction to see the Amargosa Opera House. We were in luck: even though it was mid-afternoon, we were able to pay a small fee at the hotel registration desk and get an impromptu tour.

Above: the stage where Marta Becket danced for 35 years, usually three nights a week, starting in 1968. Becket was a trained dancer from New York City who found her calling, by chance, in the desert. She restored the rundown opera house, turning it into a cultural oasis in the middle of nowhere. She is no longer dancing, but sometimes attends evening performances by others.

In the early days, there would be nights with no one in the, Becket was inspired to paint herself an audience. The paintings are glorious, covering all four walls plus the ceiling, below. You can learn more about the Marta Becket and the Opera House by clicking here.