Saturday, December 22, 2012

The World Still Turning

Wishing all our blog readers beauty, peace, and happiness in the year ahead.
Cheers, Cynthia and Bill


Dawn, Lathe Arch, Alabama Hills, October 2012 
Photo by Bill Dahl; Poem by Cynthia Anderson

Because of my nights inside,
I miss how the land breathes in the dark—
how the Pleiades call out, Remember 

where you came from, how a rock
holds infinite cold, how that same rock
is shaped until its narrow waist

makes a space for the light to fill.
Because I always look toward the west,
where the solar rose strews petals

on the Sierra, I miss how the divide
between day and night never stops moving—
rooted in darkness, shedding darkness—

and how, to reach this place, I walk
in starlight, shiver among the rocks,
and wait.