Monday, December 10, 2012

Desert Grown

Our garden has been going great guns for a couple of months now. The other day we harvested these beets. Wow! Our first beet seed sprouted on Sept. 28, which put these beauties right on schedule.
We planted our first seeds on Sept. 23. The first thing to come up was the arugula, four days later. Those first plants are still producing like crazy--above middle. There's also some parsley, cilantro and spinach in this shot. We did succession planting every couple of weeks, so right now everything is producing at once. The extra warm weather this winter has helped.
Here's some new lettuces coming on. I love those little bitty butter lettuces--they are the Tom Thumb variety--according to Seeds of Change, it's the oldest variety of lettuce still available in the U.S.
More beets on the way, plus some more mesclun mix. We haven't bought salad greens for a couple of months now. So delicious--it would be hard to go back to store-bought.