Friday, October 26, 2012

More Arches in the Alabama Hills, and Where to Find Them

We visited a couple more arches on our trip to the Alabama Hills. Above: "Eye of Alabama." There's a fairly steep uphill walk to this arch, but the view looking back at the Sierras is spectacular--see below.
Above: Heart Arch, which is easily visible from the same parking area on Movie Rd. where you go to visit the Mobius and Lathe arches. It's the rock opening on the left, and it's much more visibly heart-shaped in person than in this photo.
If you're interested in finding these arches, and many more, the book to get is "Arches of the Alabama Hills." As the cover says, this is a complete guide to "72 arches and 23 other features of the Alabama Hills, including GPS coordinates, 10 maps, and 71 color photos." A photographer friend told us about this book, and we were glad she did. The author is a retired schoolteacher named Orlyn Fordham, who self-published this book and did a very thorough job.
Thing is, as of this writing, there is nowhere to buy the book online. You'll have to go to the Rock and Gift Shop on Main St. in Lone Pine. This store is worth a visit in any case--loads of books, gifts, and rocks. I came away with a piece of petrified wood that had been struck by lightning--black in the middle and completely crystalized on both sides.