Monday, October 22, 2012

Mobius and Lathe Arches, Alabama Hills

One of the highlights of our trip was getting up before dawn and walking in the dark to the site of Mobius and Lathe Arches in the Alabama Hills. Getting up was harder than actually getting there. The last time we were there, around eight years ago, the path wasn't marked. Now, the entire path from the parking lot on Movie Rd. is lined with stones, and a cairn marks where to find the arches. Easy! Above: the Eastern Sierra through Lathe Arch. (Mt. Whitney is just out of the frame, to the right) Below: Mobius Arch.
After standing around for between 2-3 hours in the chilly air, we got back in the 4Runner and headed up Whitney Portal Road--a drive we'd never taken. We had the road to ourselves that early, and the climb was both picturesque and steep. Thought we might have breakfast at the top, but decided against it--the menu was too climber-oriented for us, consisting basically of three choices: hubcap-sized pancakes, "meat" (unspecified as to type) and lots of eggs.
So, craving a hot breakfast, we headed back to town and the Alabama Hills Cafe. This proved to be just what we were looking for. Bill got his usual two eggs with potatoes, which came with toasted fresh-baked sourdough (the best bread we've had in a long time); and I had my usual oatmeal. This was the really good stuff, steel-cut--not your typical cafe goop. It's a mom-and-pop place, super-friendly and welcoming. While we were there, a giant apple pie came out of the oven. This was the highest apple pie I've ever seen--the Mt. Whitney of apple pies. When we go back, I'm getting pie!