Sunday, August 12, 2012

Desert Magazine/Dezert Magazine

In the days of old, Desert Magazine was regarded as the iconic publication of the desert. Just in case there's anyone who hasn't heard yet, I want to help spread the word that ALL back issues of this classic magazine are now available online for FREE! Just click here!

The person responsible for this generosity is John Grasson, Editor/Publisher of the new Dezert Magazine, a very classy online publication which you can check out at the same link.

The glory years of the original Desert Magazine were 1937 to 1958, when founder/editor/publisher Randall Henderson was at the helm. Thanks to Wikipedia for this summary: "The magazine focused on the desert country of the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico, and covered a broad range of desert subjects including: regional travel and exploration; the visual arts of painting, drawing, and photography; prose and literature; cultural history; prospecting and mining; natural history including geology, wildlife, and flora; river running, and 'lifestyle' – human interest stories."

The new Dezert Magazine features some spectacular photography and articles in the grand tradition of its predecessor. Grasson says, "I am trying to keep Randall's legacy alive with the new Dezert Magazine. We published our first printed edition last month and will continue to do so on a quarterly basis."