Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Miracle Springs

Here's one version of a perfect desert morning: have breakfast, hop in the car, and head on down to Miracle Springs, a spa hotel located in Desert Hot Springs. Day use of hot mineral water pools is $14 per person. This is a bit more than the Spa Hotel next door, but what you get is a facility that's better kept, cleaner, and more serene. (It's a trade-off--we do like some of the pools at the Spa Hotel better--overall, they seem hotter.)

Here's a couple of views of the main swimming pool. That's Mt. San Jacinto towering in the distance above. We like to arrive around 9 am and stay for a couple of hours. On a weekday, it's not too crowded and the air temperature is not too hot yet, either.

Above: one of the smaller jacuzzi pools. We found some powerful jets--aaahh!! Soaking, lounging, and reading make for a very relaxing morning.