Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grow Shack

At last, we have a "Grow Shack"--thanks to Nicholas Holmes, architect and builder extraordinaire, and his partner in Grow-Shack-dom, Stephanie Smith. It's an 8 x 12 completely enclosed structure that we will use for growing vegetables and herbs.

Desert critters are such a problem that it's almost impossible to garden successfully here without an enclosure of some sort. Our Grow Shack has 1/2 inch hardware cloth covering the walls, ceiling, door, and floor. There's also a windscreen of clear polycarbonate panels around the lower portion of the structure. The wood is finished with an all-natural product, tung oil.

What you see in the middle is a walkway. The raised beds will be around the perimeter. Now comes the fun part--getting an organic soil mix together and choosing seeds.

If you want a Grow Shack of your own, you can contact Nicholas at