Monday, June 25, 2012

Himayalan Cafe and Fowler Museum

On Sunday I went with a couple of friends on a day trip into L.A. First stop, Pasadena, where after a brief shopping-related errand we had lunch at the Himalayan Cafe. And wow, what a lunch!

The aroma when we walked in was heavenly. We ordered a plate of vegetable mo-mos (pot-sticker-like appetizers) and followed it up with the lunch buffet--all you can eat for $9.99. The buffet included a couple of vegetarian choices--an eggplant/potato dish and a kidney bean dish, swimming in delicious sauce--a tofu entree, two chicken choices, and goat. First time I'd ever tried goat--it was very tender and also swimming in sauce. To me, it tasted pretty much like lamb. There were abundant condiments and the naan was thin, crisp, and light as a feather. Five stars!!

Next stop: the Fowler Museum at UCLA to see two exhibits. The first was "Second Skins: Painted Barkcloth from New Guinea and Central Africa." Above: an example from the Congo. Below: an example from New Guinea, where the designs all come from things in nature--in this case, a climbing vine with thorns and tendrils.

The second exhibit was an interesting look at the Derge printing house in Tibet--a facility that is hundreds of years old and maintains historic woodblock printing traditions. Above: two men standing in front of stored woodblocks. Below, a man carrying paper to be printed. A short video detailed the process, and the exhibit included many examples of religious-based images.

Note: the Fowler does not allow photography inside the museum. These images are reproduced from the publication "Fowler Now."