Monday, May 7, 2012

Hillside Hot Tubs at Sycamore Mineral Springs

Two Sundays ago, I was headed home on Hwy. 101 from a trip up north and had some extra time on my hands. I used it to stop at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in Avila Beach and soak in one of their hillside hot tubs--one of the best ideas I've ever had on that particular road trip.

You don't have to be staying at the resort to use the tubs, or to go to their yoga classes. When I showed up they had tubs available, so up the hill I went. Bill and I have stayed at the resort lots of times and always had a room with its own private hot tub...therefore, no reason to check out the tubs on the hill. It's a steep climb up multiple staircases, but a very pretty setting.

Here's my tub, which was called "Retreat." Nothing fancy, but private--no bathing suits required. The resort also lets you take food and wine in with you (as long as you have plastic glasses and containers)--in fact, they sell bottles of wine in the spa and will pour it into plastic glasses for you.

The view from the tub--heavenly! After a nice soak, I had lunch in the restaurant, followed by a stroll on the Avila Pier and another stop in Los Olivos. All together, it was my all-time most relaxing drive down the 101.