Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surprise Tank

For my birthday this year, I wanted to visit Surprise Tank. The weather gods cooperated, and we were able to get a group of people together too, so it all worked out--I was a happy camper! Above: a view of the wash where the petroglyphs are located, which is very similar in feel to Little Petroglyph Canyon. They say there are over 900 petroglyphs here.

This site has many rock ledges above cave-like openings. The ledges right over the openings are heavily decorated with petroglyphs.

I was in search of a specific petroglyph, which as it turns out was located on one of the most heavily decorated ledges. It's the four-legged animal in the middle of the photograph above. David Whitley describes it as the figure of a now-extinct llama and dates it as approximately 16,000 years old. Whether he's right or not is up for debate--but with my interest in all things related to ancient camelids, I was glad to see this petroglyph in person.

There were some very interesting abstract figures at this site, see above; and also numerous grinding slicks, see below.