Sunday, September 25, 2011

In the Mojave

It's taken longer than I thought to get back to the Hi-Desert Blog...partly because I've been wrapping up a couple of personal publishing projects. Here's one of them: In the Mojave, with poems by me and photos by Bill.

The book is divided into four sections--Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter--with each section introduced by one of Bill's photos. There's also a section of poems on Little Petroglyph Canyon, the archaeological wonder near Ridgecrest, CA. Most of these poems have been previously published, either online or in literary journals.

In the Mojave is 70 pages, $12 per copy, and can be ordered either directly from me (save on shipping!) or from

Here's a poem from the collection, which appeared in The Sun Runner Magazine's most recent Desert Writers issue:

As Above, So Below

It’s not easy to fathom
a landscape of boulders.
Uncountable, they stretch
to the horizon, tumbled
in mounds and heaps.
Their towers defy gravity,
their juxtapositions tempt fate.
Deep earth dwellers,
they surfaced on a trek
of nine million years.
It will be millions more
before wind and weather
reduce them to dust.
Over time, an observer
learns to go rock by rock,
allowing each to assume
the role of protector.
Certain and most true,
granite is the gist
of what matters,
the bedrock of existence.
Never static, it gathers
the force of all forces,
astounding under the sun,
whose glow warms
the crowded slopes
as far as the eye can see.