Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Walk in Rocks and Trees

Thursday was our wedding anniversary, which we celebrated with a day trip to Big Bear. In just an hour's drive, temperatures drop between 15-20 degrees. We left in the AM, crossed over the lake at the Stanfield Cutoff, and then headed up Mill Creek Road. This narrow road turns to dirt and keeps going and going. We ended up in a lovely setting of rocks and trees.

If you regard the landscape as a place full of animate beings, all with stories to tell, this is a great place to be.

We usually bring a lunch, but this time we headed into town and ate at The Himalayan Restaurant. Decent Indian food--we loved the naan and dipping sauce especially--and we would go back, though we found the portions small after a morning in the fresh air.

This is my 100th blog post--a big thank you to all my blog readers for helping make this a wonderful experience! After going 100 weeks straight without missing a week, I'm feeling like it's time for a break. So, I'm planning to take a month off. See you in September. Until then, here's a poem that came from our walk yesterday.

The Book of Living and Dying

It’s a story with no secrets,
left open on the mountainside
for all to see: infant firs
push through the undergrowth
of ferns and weeds; parents
tower above their progeny;
downed ancestors slowly vanish
among piles of granite crumbling
from heat and cold. It’s a manuscript
illuminated with brilliant color:
the green of the just-born,
the ruddy bark of prime movers,
the bleached white of stripped trunks,
the shadowed backsides of boulders
rife with lime and orange lichens.
It's a story the wind recites by heart,
roaring through upright branches
in the oral tradition. Our few hours up,
we walk away from the epic
on our separate trajectory,
one where we might dare
tell the sky, Not yet, Not yet.