Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ramblin' in JTNP

It's not as hot this summer as it could be. Last week we took advantage of a cool early morning for a ramble in the park. We went without a destination in mind and took the turnoff at Old Lost Horse Rd. There are lots of spots for rock climbers--here, you can choose from "Left Hand of Darkness," "Mindless Mound," and "Banana Cracks." As best I can tell, the photo above shows the Banana Cracks (center).

Afterwards we enjoyed a leisurely drive, with hardly a car in sight, and ultimately ended up taking another short hike, on the trail to the Wall St. Mill. We didn't go all the way but spent time around these ruined buildings.

There were lots of Parry's Nolinas out, and a long-nosed leopard lizard too.