Saturday, July 16, 2011

Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel

This summer, we're taking advantage of a nearby desert getaway: the Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel. It's less than a half-hour drive down the hill, it has eight mineral water pools, and it only costs $3 or $5 per person, depending on the day. What could be better than that?

We like to get there early, around 8:30 am. As you can see, hardly anyone is around at that hour. But it's plenty warm out, and we can get in a couple of hours of soaking and sunbathing, then leave when it's starting to get crowded and be home in time for lunch.

The mineral water doesn't have a sulfur smell, and it comes out at different temperatures in the different pools. The most popular pool is the hottest one, which is around 105 degrees. There's also a cold pool--above, with the fountain--and a full-length swimming pool filled with mineral water, below. They do use some chlorine, but to me it's hardly noticeable.
We've met all kinds of people here, including some real characters. But everybody seems to agree about one thing: "Don't worry, be happy!"