Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Poetry Update

Good news on the poetry front--a poem of mine, "Songlines," has won second place in a competition with the theme of "Trees" sponsored by the Wildling Art Museum in Los Olivos. An exhibit of poems and photographs on the theme will open on June 4. For more information click here

Here is the poem, inspired by two desert trees: the juniper and Joshua tree. I've noticed that junipers seem to grow in patterns, or lines--the photo above was taken in our backyard where six trees are growing more or less in a line, and more or less evenly spaced--you can see three of them in the photo. As for the Joshua trees, the sound the wind makes passing through them really does sound like the sea.


I follow the junipers’ hum
across the wash and up the rise.

They are jade beads
in a necklace, strung
with blackbush and pencil cholla.

In these tan, eroded hills,
widening circles of creosote
chant to sky and granite.

Dead weeds shake
their tasseled heads,
dissonance underfoot.

Waves of air break
at a Joshua tree
and roar like a distant sea.

I also have two more desert poems, "Blackbush" and "Shadow of a Hawk," in the online journal, Inlandia: A Literary Journey. This publication specializes in writers from the Inland Empire, i.e. San Bernardino and Riverside counties. To read these poems and the rest of the current issue, click here

And to learn more about the Inlandia Institute, a nonprofit literary center that supports regional writers with a wealth of resources and events, click here