Sunday, April 24, 2011

Art in the Park

Last weekend I went to an all-day Mixed Media art class, taught by Ellen Hill, that took place in Joshua Tree National Park. The location was the Lost Horse Campground--a quiet, isolated spot that is closed to the public. One of the only ways to go there is to take a class like this one through the Desert Institute. Above is the view across the valley from the campground.

It was a warm, perfect day, and we spent it under the trees of a shady picnic area working with watercolor and collage to make what Ellen calls "love letters from home." Ellen is one of my favorite artists in the Morongo Basin. She has a deep love of nature and uses her combined Native American/Scandinavian heritage to sublime effect in her art. Visit her website by clicking here.

Artists at work: above, Noreen Lawlor; right, Phyllis Schwartz and Ellen.

More lovely surroundings, and a poem about a rock goddess that made her way onto my watercolor paper.

Goddess of the Rocks

She is the alchemy of blue,
solid earth becoming sky.
She raises her arms,
stone piled on stone,
in radiant sunlight.
Every story resides
in her world of form,
every color meets
its ultimate shadow.