Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kelso Dunes & Monzogranite

We came, we saw, but we did not conquer. That is our story of visiting the Kelso Dunes. Imagine climbing up 600-foot mountains of completely soft, yielding sand, pulling your shoes out with each step. We felt like old people!

That said, we did make it partway up, and we did enjoy the view. The dark grains of sand are different minerals that collect at the dune crests--a combination of magnetite and amphibole. (The light-colored sand is a mixture of quartz and feldspar.) To the right, lizard tracks.

We were there on February 28, and there were no signs of wildflowers yet.

Along the Kelbaker Road before the turnoff to the dunes is a wonderful area of monzogranite rocks--the same type of rocks that dominate Joshua Tree National Park. We parked by the side of the road and took off overland--our primary goal being to get closer to the formations below.