Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cima Road, Mojave National Preserve

On our way back from our most recent trip to Tecopa, we turned east at Baker and headed up the I-15 between 20-25 miles to the turnoff for the Cima Road. We had never been on this road before--it extends down through the Mojave Preserve to the Kelso Depot.

As you approach on the I-15, and then head down the Cima Road, the largest Joshua tree forest in the world extends pretty much as far as the eye can see. The trees are a different subspecies from those in Joshua Tree National Park--thinner trunks and more branches.

Our first stop along the Cima Road was Teutonia Peak. We had intended to walk up this trail towards the peak, but didn't make it too far--it was 43 degrees out with a stiff wind. Even though we bundled up, it still felt darn cold.

We spent more time directly across the road from the trailhead exploring an area of interesting rocks.

Down the road a ways, you eventually get to Cima itself--which consists of a pay phone, an abandoned-looking general store (open only on weekends--we hear the proprietess is a real character) and this abandoned building next door. There's a derelict sign by the pay phone, see below, that says: "Preserve our desert..." Fortunately the land in the preserve is in better shape than this sign!