Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter vs. Spring

Last Saturday night we were gifted with a snowfall that left us a few inches of weightless white powder. Just enough to make everything look beautiful for a day--the snow was almost all melted by mid-afternoon. These pictures were taken just after sunrise, with the moon going down in the west.

Will this be a good wildflower year or not? That is the question. There's been plenty of precipitation, but also some very cold temperatures. This has even affected the Borrego area. The flowers there have gotten an early start, but according to the newsletter we just received from the Anza-Borrego Foundation, "due to recent freezes, we do not expect dramatic fields of flowers."

On Thursday we drove to Tecopa to take down our show, hoping to see some early blooms. This time last year, lots more flowers were out by now. We did see some nice stands of lupine lining the Kelbaker Rd. before we reached the Mojave Preserve. No flowers yet at the Kelso Dunes, and just a few of these tiny yellow beauties at the Lava Beds.

We really enjoyed spending time in the preserve on this trip--the next few blog posts will cover our adventures...