Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bunny Book

The Bunny Book is something I made in my altered book group as a contribution to Jean Loomis's theme, "Heart and Soul." I love bunnies and this particular "book" has received a lot of comments, so thought I'd post it here for those who can't make our show at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

I bought the bunny pelt at Ogg's Hogan in Prescott, Arizona while we were visiting my folks in November, not knowing what I might do with it. As the idea for the book came together, the pelt naturally became the cover. It's held at the top by a stick from the juniper tree outside our dining room window, a favorite hangout for our local bunnies. The bunny figures are taken from Mimbres designs, and the colorful yarn is an idea taken from Huichol yarn paintings.

I wrote a bunny poem and printed it on handmade paper. The complete text of the poem appears below. Our Altered Books show runs at the museum through March 6. Stop by if you can and browse through the books!


What I See

A desert to play in—
sky above, sand below,
in between,
green things to eat.

What I Hear

I sense
the rustle of intent
from whoever
heads my way.

What I Do: Summer

I scatter dirt
under the big juniper
and lie stretched out
until sundown.

What I Do: Winter

I find a warm
place to hide.
But I won’t say
where it is.

What I Know

I may not be here
but I love my life
until Coyote comes for me.

What I Am

A grain of sand,
a link in the chain—
and I let it be.
I’m free.