Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Opening in Tecopa

Saturday was the opening of Bill's and my photo/poetry show at Tecopa Hot Springs Resort. Here we are in the gallery. We had 13 friends join us from the Morongo Basin, plus my brother from Northern California and locals from the Tecopa Basin Artists Group and nearby communities. Thanks to everyone who showed up--plus special thanks to Amy Noel, owner of the resort; Chef John, for his wonderful food; Shelly, waitress extraordinaire; and Jake, Amy's dog and my new best friend!

Highlights of the weekend included hanging out with all our good friends, soaking in silky soft, hot mineral water, winding our way through the labyrinth at the resort (pictured above) and a poetry reading on Saturday night after dinner (more thanks to everyone who participated).

On Sunday morning we descended on Shoshone en masse for breakfast at the Crowbar. The Shoshone Museum is right next door. Both are must-stops on a tour of the area. The museum has great displays on local history, including prehistoric bones and footprints. Regular blog readers will know I have a thing for fossil camels, and the museum has fossil camel footprints dating back 12 million years! Below, a depiction by artist Ben Nafus of what their life might have looked like back in the day.

More on this trip next week...BTW our show runs through February 24.