Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Day "Sound Bath"

We celebrated New Year's Day with a visit to the Integratron in Landers for a public "Sound Bath" with our friends Timothy, Judy, Phyllis, and Richard. Above, the exterior of the Integratron. If it looks like something from outer space, you may be right--its creator, George Van Tassel, said he got the building plans from extraterrestrials. The upper part of the structure was supposed to spin around and act as a rejuvenation chamber. Though it doesn't actually spin, it's an amazing building nevertheless. (To learn more about the Integratron, click here)

Here's the upper area of the dome where the sound bath takes place. The structure is acoustically perfect. Note the quartz crystal "singing bowls" used for the sound bath experience. Each bowl is keyed to a different chakra of the body. The sound bath is described as a 30-minute sonic healing session that produces waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind and body. We all found that to be true!

The very top of the dome looks like this. That's 1.5 tons of concrete up there holding all the beams together, which are made of laminated wood with no nails or screws.

Here's the man himself, George Van Tassel, a pillar of the UFO community. His epitaph read, "Birth through induction, death through short circuit." Rumors abound that the U.S. government tried over the years to put a stop to Van Tassel's activities--some say that if he had succeeded in constructing the Integratron as planned, he may have been able to bend time. After his death, his proprietary electronic equipment, notes, and diagrams all mysteriously disappeared and have never been found.

Back in the 1950s, there used to be big "spacecraft conventions" in Landers. Here's a souvenir program from one of them.