Sunday, January 9, 2011

Altered Books -- A Collective Journey

Above is the front of the invitation to "Altered Books -- A Collective Journey." I'm part of the group of 12 women artists in this show, which is happening at the Palm Springs Art Museum from January 23-March 6. The reception is Sunday, January 23 from 1-5 pm. You're invited!

The format of this group is a little bit unusual, so I'll paraphrase our artist statement to explain how it works: To begin, each woman either constructs a new book or alters an existing book to express a particular theme. Then, using a "round robin" format to exchange the books, each woman adds to and builds on the theme. In the end, every book contains artwork by all of the exchange's participants. (Thanks to Diana Shay Diehl for the photos in this post--her photos will be part of the exhibition as a slide show.)

The books are exchanged on a monthly basis--we rotate meetings at each others' houses, which involves lots of food and fun. Here we are with some of our books--left to right, first row: me, Norma Mackie, Bonnie Brady, Suzanne Ross, Phyllis Schwartz; second row, Jean Loomis, Cathy Allen, Noreen Lawlor, Tobi Taboada, Peggy Heinz, Mary Kinniger-Walker. (Not pictured: Mayah Martin)

This is a hands-on show where viewers can pick up the books, turn the pages, etc. I'll end with a quote from our artist statement: "These altered books express beauty, mystery, playfulness, curiosity, and the sisterhood of a dynamic group of artists. Letting go of preconceptions and embracing the unknown can be intimidating; being nudged out of one’s creative comfort zone can be unsettling. The process, however, becomes a journey of inspiration and encouragement, producing artistic adrenalin as well as artistic freedom. Ultimately, each individual evolved through this collective effort."