Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas at the Purifoy Site

Our friends Judy, Timothy, and Susan came up from the low desert on Xmas day, and we drove out to the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum. I've blogged about this place before, and probably will again--there's so much to see that it's a new experience each time.

Basically, what this experience consists of is wandering at will around 7.5 acres of assemblage sculptures made by Noah Purifoy, primarily during the 1990s. They are weathering and decaying, as he intended they would--he was interested in how nature participates in the creative process. A good example is the bird's nest inside the bag in the photo above.

Here are Bill, Timothy, and Judy looking at a wall of plaques, above; and Susan in front of more fun stuff, right.

Below: more photos of fab found object art. (Love those bowling balls!) Happy Holidays!