Monday, December 6, 2010


We spent the afternoon in the park on the day after Thanksgiving. At some point before Hidden Valley, we just pulled over, crossed the road and headed overland. I don't know the name of the spot where we were, but some climbers were there, too, in and around these rocks.

The trees and bushes were so thick in places that I would almost call the landscape riparian. You can get an idea on the left side of the photo above.

We hiked out to a ridge of rocks and back, and on the return trip I found a snakeskin stuck in a bush. It was completely colorless, and from a long, thin snake. When I picked it up, it broke in two and I ended up leaving it behind in the last patch of sun. (I'm told that one is not supposed to take home such things, in any case.) It's the first snakeskin I've ever found, and I felt lucky.

A few more treasures from this walk. Above: Boulder Formation 101. Right: how exactly do things like this happen? Below: a glorious golden yucca blossom, paper-thin by now, a miracle that all the pieces have not yet blown away.