Thursday, November 11, 2010

Park Therapy

Lately, I've developed a case of project-itis...too many projects! Fortunately an afternoon in Joshua Tree National Park is the cure. Above, Joshua trees across the road from Quail Springs. I love how they look like a plantation, like someone carefully spaced them at equal distances apart--although of course they did it themselves. I took the small photo standing over a baby Joshua tree--it's the top of the tree's single stalk.

Then we headed down Ranger Station Rd. to the Lost Horse Wall area--a popular spot for rock climbers, though we saw only three that day. We walked up a large and spacious wash lined with yellow-blooming shrubs.

This mini-arch provided a nice keyhole view.

Check out the man-made rock wall at the base of the hill. It forms a cache basin that would easily fill up during a rainstorm. Brilliant green grass and weeds grow thick around the inside rim.