Sunday, October 3, 2010

Early Morning Storms

For the past few days we have had early morning thunderstorms. One day we were wakened at 4 am by blinding flashes of light that filled the entire sky. The storm appeared to be right on top of us. Thunder and rain followed, clearing by sunrise, when a rainbow appeared in a huge arc covering our entire western view. These photos show the two ends of the rainbow and the glorious early morning light on the rocks.

This morning around 6 am we went outside to watch an amazing light show, with constant flashes of lightning stretching 180 degrees from Joshua Tree National Park to 29 Palms and the marine base.

Some of the lightning strikes have started fires, but nothing major. One report described a lone Joshua tree being struck, which inspired this poem.

Needed Elsewhere

The sleeping world saw no sign
of a storm, until, before dawn,
a soundless sky flashed white,
and white again, an electric field
searching for an outlet.
A slender, jagged bolt
struck a single Joshua tree
and reduced it to a cinder.
Is anything random?
Were those spiked arms
needed elsewhere, to hold
something unnamed,
in a place without form?