Sunday, October 17, 2010


There have been many reports recently of bighorn sheep sightings at Barker Dam in the national park. A few weeks ago Phyllis, Richard and I went out to try our luck. And we were rewarded: after waiting for about an hour, a bighorn showed up right around dusk. He is standing on the rocks in the center of the photo above. (Thanks to Phyllis, both for spotting the sheep and taking this photo!)

This is the first bighorn I have ever seen, and it was a treat. He was not large but incredibly graceful. We watched him cross this grassy area above the dam and climb up onto the rocks in the photo above.

I welcome any excuse just to sit somewhere in the park for awhile and to look at the rocks. These rocks seem to be defying any possible laws of probability.

We got to enjoy the sunset light as well.