Sunday, October 31, 2010

Art Tours 2010, Second Weekend

It was another big weekend for us on the annual art tours. On Saturday, our friends from Palm Springs, Timothy and Judy Hearsum, came up for the day. We had lunch at Pappy & Harriet's ("Best Honky Tonk West of the Mississippi") and visited a number of studios in Pioneertown and Landers. I didn't get out the camera, though...

Today Bill stayed home getting a new photo ready for the 29 Palms Gallery's Southland Show, and I took off on another studio jaunt with friends Phyllis and Tobi. I have always coveted one of Christy Anderson's license plates and finally "got lucky"!

We also visited Bonnie Brady. I love her books and cards, most of which use handmade paper (sometimes paper she makes herself). Above, a couple of books; to the right, a card. I've learned a lot from Bonnie and always feel inspired by her creative output. (Her son, John Greenfield, and daughter, Susan Brady Gonzales, are talented artists as well, and they all show together on the tour.)

There are still a few things blooming in the yard at this late date. Does anyone know what this purple flowering plant is? We inherited it when we bought the house; it's certainly going to town lately. There are rumors that temperatures next week will be back up around 80 degrees, we (and our plants) are anticipating a last blast of summer!