Sunday, August 22, 2010

Desert Time

The annual Desert Writers issue is just out from The Sun Runner Magazine. You can read the entire issue by clicking here. My personal favorite is a piece called "Fanfare Generator." There's a poem of mine in there called "Desert Time" about the stumps of a dead yucca along our front walkway. The photos show the stumps, the poem is below!

Desert Time

For months I want
to take out the stumps
of the dead yucca.

It’s what I can’t see
that stops me.

I wiggle the largest,
and a lizard darts out,
the size of my pinky,
and a fraction as wide.

What’s the hurry?
I decide to wait
until winter—
maybe longer.

The more I wait,
the more the stumps
look like rock—

And the earth
around them cracks
and sinks. They will not
last forever.