Saturday, July 17, 2010


We are happy to report that Bill made his first sales at the 29 Palms Gallery a few weeks ago. He has two images up in the members' summer show, and they sold as a pair, to someone in the movie business in Hollywood.

Both of the images were taken at Shoreline Park Beach in Santa Barbara. We used to walk almost every week down at the shore. Winter weather would scour away the sand and expose all kinds of interesting rocks. Bill had a knack for finding images in the eroding layers. I wrote some poems to accompany his photographs--the two that sold and the poems that go with them appear below.

Pupperoo (in memory of our dog, Rainbear)

The last thing I remember,
I was running and couldn’t stop.
The birds flew up all around me.
I loved the way everything smelled.
I rolled on a dead seal.

It’s good here. I still feel
the sand under my paws.
You always carried me home
when I got tired. Now,
I can stay here forever.

The Bull

The struggle is over.
He lies down and sleeps
the long, peaceful sleep
of the dead. Sky mingles
with bone, clouds cover
his eyes, softening
the last blow,
the crowd’s roar.
In the spirit world,
coyote takes over
and surveys the landscape—
strangely solemn,
no trickster in sight.