Saturday, July 3, 2010

Joshua Tree Gay Pride Day

Last weekend, the Art Queen in Joshua Tree was ground zero for Gay Pride Day. We ended up there after taking part in the "gallery crawl," where we visited four galleries in downtown JT along Hwy. 62. At Andy Woods' new gallery we bought a tiny sculpture by John Greenfield. We love it!

At the Art Queen courtyard, we pulled some chairs into the shade and waited for the dove release. Here are two of them winging their way skyward--and homeward. (Their owner said they would fly straight home.)

The speakers included Her Most Imperial Majesty, Czarina of Riverside & Imperial Counties Elizabeth (Liz) Loren Maria Romanov.

Local singer/songwriter Shari Elf was the first musician to take the stage. She is the proprietess of the world-famous Crochet Museum, see below.

We wrapped up the evening with Indian food at Sam's and an art happening at a desert hideaway on Shangri-la Road. (There are some great street names out in the middle of nowhere. My favorite is Memory Lane!)