Sunday, May 30, 2010

Harrison House

It's always a treat to visit Harrison House. This straw bale building was built as a "composer's cave" for acoustic music by composer Lou Harrison. The intimate performance space feels like a temple and has a 16 foot ceiling. Harrison House offers artists' residencies that include public performances. We were there on Saturday night to hear Arroyo Baroque, a French baroque ensemble made up of musicians from USC.

The musicians played instruments that were replicas of 17th and 18th century originals--including a wooden flute and two wooden oboes. From left to right: Jason Yoshida, guitar; Denise Briese, viola da gamba; Paul Sherman, oboe; Asuncion Ojeda, flute; and Aki Nishiguchi, oboe. Yoshida also played the theorbo--not shown, but a fascinating long-necked, lute-like instrument with an extra set of bass strings.

On the home front, here is a bunny who has lost all timidity. Bill and I were outside on the patio when we noticed him just a few feet away, grooming himself. He kept at it while I got the camera and only stopped when he heard the click.