Saturday, April 3, 2010

Equinox Magic

On Saturday March 20--the Spring Equinox--Bill and I went to an unforgettable event at Le Haut Desert Aerie, the home of Eric Mueller and Liz Mediavilla.

This event combined a potluck for Boulder Community Gardens with an outdoor art walk featuring Swiss artist Didier Mouron. Mouron creates his art solely with graphite pencil. The images are as detailed as photographs and otherworldly in their subject matter.

Mouron likes to display his work in outdoor settings, mounted on self-illuminating pedestals that he invented called "Tot'ms." That night, a series of eight pieces were set up along a private road among the boulders, with bonfires burning all along the route as the sun went down.

I don't have my own pictures of the event, but you can see them at Didier Mouron's website by clicking here

The artwalk was followed by an outdoor "trance dance" with live music by Robbi Robb and Amritakripa. What a night! Only in the desert!