Saturday, February 6, 2010


Back on September 19 of last year, I wrote about my great-grandfather Walter Macomber, who invented a rotary engine. He was also a photographer. When he was 21 years old he started a photography business in Augusta, Michigan (a suburb of Battle Creek). He did that for three years before moving west to be an engineer with Croesus Mining Company in Johannesburg, CA.

He continued to take photographs for the rest of his life, and an album of his hand-colored prints has come down through the family. Here are a few of them. The above shot is captioned "Mojave Desert." Over time, the hand coloring on this one has definitely taken on a Technicolor aspect!

Below are "Laguna Beach" and "Santa Barbara Mission." Most likely these photographs were taken in the 1920s or earlier.

Finally, here's a mystery shot. No caption. If anybody has an idea about what this is or where it is, please let me know!

Thanks to Bill for scanning these images.