Friday, February 26, 2010

Mata Ortiz at Cabot's Pueblo Museum

Last Sunday we took a drive down to Desert Hot Springs to Cabot's Pueblo Museum. The place was hand built in the Hopi style by a colorful character named Cabot Yerxa. Most of the pueblo is closed off--only about four of the 35 rooms are open on the tour. Note: only take this tour if you are willing to stand on hard floors in tiny, windowless rooms hearing about the life of Cabot Yerxa in excruciating detail. Bill and I bailed on the tour after the second room! In our opinion, it's far better just to enjoy the funkiness of it all from the outside.

The big draw that day was a demonstration by potters from Mata Ortiz, Mexico. We watched master potter Tavo Silveira form this pot from scratch.

There's an extensive gift shop which is worth visiting any time. On this day it was filled with Mata Ortiz pottery. I did buy a souvenir: a tiny pot with bunnies on it--perfect for the desert!