Saturday, January 9, 2010

Road Trip: Prescott, Arizona

My parents live in Prescott, Arizona. This past week Bill and I drove over for a visit, as did my brother, Steve, and niece, Kim. A good time was had by all! (Above, left to right: Steve, Kim, Bill, Mom, and Dad)

We were out for a walk on the Peavine Trail, which runs along an old railroad bed past Watson Lake to Granite Dells. Here are Steve and Kim on the trail.

We passed a lot of geese along the lake shore, and a lot of lichens on the rocks along the trail.

The real prize was the dells, shown here. The water in the foreground is covered by ice! (Nighttime temperatures were in the 20s. We had thick frost on our car windshield in the mornings.)

Good food on this trip included my mom's homemade soup, corn muffins, and lemon bars; a dinner at Murphy's in downtown Prescott; and my brother Steve's excellent chicken cacciatore, which he made one night with Bill as sous chef.

We like taking the back roads through the wide open spaces. On this trip we allowed extra time for Bill to photograph the derelict desert towns along the way. Look for those photos in a future post!