Saturday, December 5, 2009

Borrego Springs

After our adventure at the Camel Dairy last Sunday, we spent two nights in Borrego Springs. It's been eight or nine years since we were last there, but the little town has hardly changed at all. That's what we love about it--there's a whole lot of nothin' in Borrego!

Our big advantage on this trip was a four-wheel-drive vehicle, which allowed us to go where we've never gone before. The view above was taken off Mine Wash Road, where there's a Kumeyaay village site with mortreros in the rocks.

We love interesting rocks, and Borrego is full of them. These photos were also taken off Mine Wash Road.

One new attraction just outside of town is a bevy of giant metal sculptures by Ricardo A. Breceda. This one represents the Incredible Wind God Bird (Aiolornis incredibilis), a creature that lived in the Borrego area millions of years ago. One paleontologist said, "Think of it as a T. rex with feathers."

We took another side trip to Seventeen Palms Oasis, about 3.5 miles down the roughest dirt road we've ever traveled. As you can see, it was worth it. The palm oasis is in the Eastern Borrego Badlands, which is rife with fascinating geology. Between two palms there's a "desert mailbox" filled with journals where you can leave a message. We did!

On the way home we stopped at Salton City and ate our lunch by the shores of the Salton Sea. Sea and shore birds are arriving for the winter. Lots of white pelicans. Our last stop on the way home was the Oasis Date Garden, where we stocked up on a half-dozen varieties of dates. Here's Bill with a date shake--mmm mmm good!