Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pyrate Days--Arrrgh!

Last weekend we went to Pyrate Days, which turned out to be great fun for the extravagant costumes, pirate paraphernalia, pirate bands, and more. (The event was a fundraiser for the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Foundation.)

This fellow spent the afternoon "walking the plank."

The highlight of the day was the Pirate Battle, where two groups of pirates fought over the contents of this treasure chest.

They used cannons and pistols with real gunpowder! The explosions were deafening!

Shortly after this picture was taken, this female pirate bit the dust.

The band There Be Pirates did original takes on ballads like "High Barbary."

Turns out "Arrgh!" is the pirates' favorite expression. It comes in handy just about any time!

Thanks to Bill for all the photos in this post.