Friday, October 30, 2009

Hwy. 62 Art Tours

We’re in the middle of the most exciting time of the year in the hi-desert—the Open Studio Art Tours! The website for the tours is here. This event is held on the last two weekends in October, with around 100 artists participating. Last weekend we visited a dozen different studios. We bought a few things that I’ve photographed for this post. Click on the artists’ names for links to their websites or additional work.

This first piece is a giclee by Tina Bluefield titled “Pinto Mountains and Wash.” Tina’s studio is way out in Landers and has that peaceful, in-the-middle-of-nowhere feeling. She does incredible abstracts as well as desert scenes. BTW: the Pinto Mountains are at the far eastern end of Joshua Tree National Park.

“The Orange Bird” is a monotype by Karine Swenson. This year Karine turned her entire house into a gallery and displayed the work of three other artists as well as her own. She was our neighbor when we lived down in Joshua Tree. Like Tina Bluefield, Karine does lots of abstract work. She’s prolific—check out her website and blog!

The third piece is “Tropical Isle,” a digital creation by one of our current neighbors, Ray Yeager. Ray has a sometimes wacky, sometimes wicked sense of humor which comes through in many of his altered photographs (you’ll see one of them if you click on his name)—that’s not so much the case with this piece, but we liked its color, shapes, and feel. BTW Ray is an astronomer and weather expert as well as an artist.

The last photo shows a giant kinetic sculpture by Steve Rieman, an iconic hi-desert artist whose commissioned pieces can be found all over California. The Riemans’ compound in Landers has to be one of the ultimate expressions of an artist’s life in the desert—it’s a not-to-be-missed stop on the tour. The photo below shows the same sculpture moving in the wind.

So for all of you who’ve been meaning to visit us…mark your 2010 calendars for the last two weekends of October and come for the Open Studio Tours! (Not that you have to wait that long...)