Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Day in the Life of...Captain Watty Prettypaws

Hi everybody! Captain Watty Prettypaws here. This is my favorite spot, where I sit and watch the bunnies and the birdies outside the window. Even though I'm not allowed to go outside, I know them, and they know me.

This is my ficus tree. Sometimes I take a flying leap and grab the trunk. But it happens too quick to catch on film.

This is my favorite chair, and my favorite box with one of my many mice inside.

Who says cats can't read? When the meow shows on the bottom of my dish, I meow and get more food, just like that.

I like to hang out up here after dinner, while my mom and dad are watching something on Netflix. I'm not usually into TV myself.

Here's something I really love. When my folks inflate the air mattress on the sofa bed, I ride it all the way up--it's the coolest thing to feel the mattress expanding underneath me.

Once in a while I write poems, so I'll leave you with one here. Til next time--Captain Watty

Oh, once I was a city cat, as fine as I could be,
But now I am a country cat, and that's the life for me.